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Our Charlotte office participated in the national We Care program sponsored by Herman Miller in association with the Boys & Girls Club of America. Each year Herman Miller works with the Charlotte Architecture & Design community, Geiger, and Alfred Williams & Company to bring the kids at the Boys & Girls Club a day of Christmas good cheer. The We Care event provides children a creative outlet, day of fun, and the opportunity to make gifts for family and friends, which is something that many of these kids may not be able to do. The Boys & Girls Club Director said that We Care “gives each and every member of the Boys & Girl Club a chance to experience Christmas – even if just for a few hours. For some, that may be the only Christmas they get. For that, I can only simply say, thanks you.”

For us, this year was a lot of fun. It brought us together in the office as we prepped for the day and also gave us an outlet to give back to the community which is what it’s all about. Our craft was a candle holder that each child decorated and was able to give as a gift. The best part of the day was helping a couple of kids make one for each other’s mom and hearing the kids say, “this is your moms favorite color, right?” Overall it was a hit, we made 72 candles and ran out of materials!

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Boulder joined our community partner, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), for a day to help them in their Food Bank. EFAA’s mission is to “help those in our community whose immediate needs for food, shelter and other basic necessities cannot be adequately met by other means, and supports their efforts toward financial stability or self-sufficiency.” EFAA is entering its 100th year and we’re grateful to be one of the many organizations that supports their cause.

We worked with EFAA all day to help with everything related to their Food Bank; walking patrons around the food pantry, deep cleaning the food pantry, re-stocking and organizing shelves, preparing food bags for delivery, cleaning and stocking the basement, and any task we could do! The time we saved volunteers allowed them the opportunity to work with more Clients and facilitate their annual toy donation program.

We were lucky to not only work with a great organization but also to enjoy time outside of the office with our co-workers, nothing makes you feel like part of team more than counting cans and mopping floors!