505Design Holiday Giving

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505Design CLT participated in the national We Care program sponsored by Herman Miller in association with the Boys and Girls Club of America. Each year, Herman Miller works with the Charlotte Architecture & Design community, Geiger, Maharam and Alfred Williams & Company to bring the kids at the Boys & Girls Club a day of Christmas good cheer. The We Care event provides children a creative outlet, day of fun, and the opportunity to make gifts for family and friends, which is something that many of these kids may not be able to do. The Boys & Girls Club Director said that We Care “gives each and every member of the Boys & Girls Club a chance to experience Christmas — even if just for a few hours. For some, that may be the only “Christmas” they get. For that, I can only simply say, thank you.”

505Design BLDR hosted a neighborhood party for the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA). We helped raise over $1,000 worth of presents for those in need this holiday season. Our donations contributed to the holiday gift room at EFAA that allows families to select age and gender appropriate gifts for their family members. This continues our partnership working with EFAA throughout the year.