Quality Starts with Great People!

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Kevin Roberts promoted to Director of Architecture. Kevin will lead a team of architects to deliver technical design expertise including full documentation through construction phase services. At 505Design, Kevin will be key in ensuring the vision is translated from idea to the built environment. Since joining our team in late 2016, Kevin has been a great teacher, listener, and supportive influence in carrying out the 505Design mission and core values. Prior to joining 505Design, he advised and directed the production and construction of hospitality design work, residential construction projects, and community design standards.

Elizabeth Cerny, Designer, is a recent graduate of the UNC Charlotte with a Master of Architecture after having completed a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. With experience in project management and architectural design, Elizabeth assists on various design as well as full-service projects in the Boulder office. Having grown up in the Midwest she is very excited to return to a place with “real winter”.

Monica Whitmire, Designer, as a new member to the Charlotte office, she enjoys learning the design processes indicative of 505Design’s core values and helping assist in the design of a variety of projects. Monica recently graduated UNC Charlotte with a Master of Architecture and a Master of Urban Design.

Brianna Grimm, Designer, recently completed her Master of Architecture Degree from Kansas State University and is excited to be a part of the curious team in Boulder. Brianna balances her time between design and full-service architecture work. She appreciates the rare opportunity that 505Design offers to discover the unique vision for a project and to carry that idea all the way through to the moment of completion.

Hannah Watson, Designer, has been working with 505Design as an intern for over 6 months and is excited to join 505Design as a full-time employee. She completed a degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture from CU Boulder and works closely with project managers at 505Design learning project visioning and execution of retail projects in our Boulder office.

Happy Holidays!

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505Design wishes you and yours the best for the holidays and a great 2017!

Arrowhead Towne Center Remodel

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505Design recently traveled to Arrowhead Towne Center to celebrate the grand reopening of the mall. We participated in the major renovations to the mall including new wayfinding and signage, seating areas, restrooms, and Food Court and community room upgrades.

505Design enhanced and revitalized Arrowhead Towne Center by introducing warmth, color, and desert charm to the project. The repositioning of the center will draw in both existing and new customers, upscale tenants, and will transform the experience into one that inspires all who visit.

The design team included: Nick Igel, Lynn Williams, Kurt Sinclair, Grant Yamaki, Erik Vincent, and Jesse Brew

505Design Celebrates the Holidays!

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Our team enjoyed traveling all over the world during our winter closure. Highlights included Japan, Italy, Hawaii, New York, and Maine. Many people also took the time to visit with family and explore the beauty of our own city.

We hope you all enjoyed you break, got the opportunity to visit with the ones you love, and recharge for the New Year.

At 505Design we’re looking forward to a great 2016! Make sure to follow us @505designinc for all the highlights this year will bring!