Changing the Conversation in Fort Mill

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505Design is working closely with Clear Springs Development to create an engaging mixed-use development for the Town of Fort Mill, South Carolina. With a history deeply rooted in the region’s textile industry, we are helping to preserve the town’s heritage through a clearly articulated vision and our comprehensive service offerings.

Our team is able to translate the story of the town’s industrial past to a new generation of residents while seamlessly blending with the project’s contemporary architecture and environmental graphics. Textile-inspired references and industrial materials can be found throughout, creating an environment that is both comfortable and familiar, yet distinctly Kingsley.

To learn more about this project and its impact on the community please refer to the Charlotte Business Journals’ August 11th cover story, “A Big Shift in the Future of Fort Mill” that outlines the positive social and economic impact the development is having on the town of Fort Mill.

Elkins, Ken. “A Big Shift in the Future of Fort Mill.” Charlotte Business Journal, 11 Aug. 2017 – Full Article – Accessed 11 Aug. 2017.