International Market Place Opening

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Our design approach to International Market Place (IMP) finds a balance between memory and prophecy, a way to embrace the rich heritage of the site while translating those qualities in a fresh, contemporary way that resonates with the iconic past of the place. Design decisions are informed from three guiding principles:

1. Perptuate the Legacy of the Queen: The Queen’s mission was to provide, in perpetuity, quality healthcare for native Hawaiians and the people of Hawaii.

2. Celebrate the History of the Land (Kaluaokau) and its People: The project is informed by the rich, natural, and cultural history of Kaluaokau, the land which the property sits on.

3. Revitalize IMP as the Signature Gathering Place in Waikiki: Restore IMP as a world-class destination for retail, entertainment, and culture.

The mall is planned around a 150 year-old, landmark Banyan tree, as well as a number of other significant trees that drive the layout of the project. The Puka’s (courts) and terraced levels are designed to highlight these legacy trees and create visual connection between the Grand Lanai and the ground plane.

Visit our International Market Place work page to view our conceptual imagery that set the vision for this culturally rich Hawaiian destination.