It’s 5:05 Here!

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The Charlotte office recently hosted the first of what we hope to be many community gatherings. It’s 5:05 Here is a monthly, after-work mixer at the 505Charlotte office that includes a casual couch conversation with interesting, curious, funny, and inspirational leaders in the Charlotte design community. This is a down-to-earth event where creatives can make connections, and more importantly, FRIENDS.

On Thursday, Rhett Crocker, President of LandDesign, participated in our first talk, an informal conversation with 505Design Partners John Ward and Jim Babinchak, about the 505Design/LandDesign alliance. Over beers and snacks they discussed how we became partners on various projects, how our relationship began, why our bond is special, and where we are going in the future.

A big thank you to all that attended our first talk and keep following us for more information on the next It’s 5:05 Here!