Anne Springs Close Greenway Gateway

The Anne Springs Close Greenway Gateway is a 2,100 acre open space with forests, fields, lakes, and natural amenities in Fort Mill, SC. The design team was challenged to design a building that had a warm hospitality but also encouraged visitors to get out and explore the landscape. The adage of the design became “Catch and Release;” where the design compels visitors to come in, but not stay indoors too long… Expansive views across fields and orchards inspire picnics and strolling, adjacent trails and the forest’s edge invite exploration, and natural materials recall the elemental. The building is simple, with each element serving a distinct purpose: Heavy masonry walls anchor an airy, sunlight-filled space to the earth. A polished concrete floor flows from the trail to a gracious porch and inside the space while a warm wood ceiling drapes over the main space and frames views to the landscape.

LOCATION: Fort Mill, South Carolina
CLIENT: Springland, Inc.

Project Scope

Project Visioning
Full Service Architecture
Environmental Graphics + Signage

Awards & Accolades

2019 AIA Charlotte Design & Service Awards: Honor, Architecture