Riverwalk is a 1,000-acre masterplanned, mixed use community on the banks of the Catawba River. When complete it will feature 850 homes, 250 townhomes, 1,250 apartments, and 2 large retail/mixed use districts. 505Design created the narrative, ‘life on the river’, to express the vision of the relaxed, active lifestyle of the development. Rooted in South Carolina’s Upcountry Vernacular, the overall master plan, residential guidelines, retail and mixed use vision, and project metrics were developed by 505Design to create Riverwalk’s story and ensure alignment to the regional market.

LOCATION: Rock Hill, South Carolina
CLIENT: Assured Group of Companies

Designed in collaboration with LandDesign.

Project Scope

Project Visioning
Architecture + Building Design
Residential Guidelines/Pattern Book
Environmental Graphics + Signage