2017 AIA CLT Design Citation Award Winner

1024 558 505Design

Nexton is a 4,500-acre mixed-use community, in Summerville, SC. With quality of life, efficiency, and connectivity as drivers, the Nexton development is inspired by the lowcountry with a distinct focus on the future. Nexton is primed to be the gateway to the Lowcountry, located at the intersection of Interstate 26 and Highway 17A, with over 6 million sf of commercial space, 10,000 homes, and 2,000 acres of green space.

A key component to the Nexton vision is connection to green spaces, trails, and the outdoors. The Brighton Park Pavilion celebrates Nexton’s commitment to healthy outdoor living. The park folly celebrates a multi-use trail that will eventually connect a 50-mile network of meandering paths through wide stretches of forestland, ponds, and wetlands.

The Brighton Park Pavilion is a fresh interpretation of vernacular lowcountry agrarian outbuildings. This community landmark provides a shaded respite that invites runners, walkers and cyclists to pause and enjoy framed views of the landscape.

Sunlight is filtered during the day, and strategic lighting transforms the pavilion into a beacon at night; the pavilion welcomes travelers at all times of day. In a context with such a rich sense of place, basic elements of shade, shadow, comfort are accommodated by a form that simultaneously feels fresh and familiar.

The 505Design team included Brandon Johnson, Taylor Milner, Jim Babinchak, and Kevin Kern. Pictured above Brandon, Taylor, and Jim accepting the award with their spouses. We’re proud of our team and the project we get to utilize daily in our backyard.